HI there, Cock fans!

Tonight, you not only have the amazing Ms. Andi at 9 pm Eastern for her regularly schedule Wet Spot show, but this week only KayMarie is following her at 10 pm!

Fun Game tonight on the Wet Spot

Ms. Andi is so fucking creative! I love her and she came up with this fun numbers game where she has asked many ladies and guys what their number is to a question she chose……..then she will give her listeners a few choices and say what is her number is it a,b or c. all I know is it was fun giving her my number that’s for sure!!!

Tune in at www.cockradio.com and join chat at www.communitykink.com

Andi (10)

Ms. KayMaries make up show

No, she is not doing a show about makeup, but she is making up for missing her Monday night show by going live right after Andi at 10 pm Eastern! You can enjoy a fun filled hour of sexy with her and the chatters!