This is your Heavy Metal Mistress Laney from the Locked Cock Radio Hour or as my regulars like to call it, The Cocklocker’s Ball. I have a *HUGE*Giantess sized announcement just for YOU!! My Radio Show on * January 22* will feature the “BEST OF” the Locked Cock Radio Hour I need YOUR help to determine the playlist for that show. Beginning *January 10th*, on Enchantrix Empire  you will find polls for three different areas. You will be able to vote on your favorite opener songs from past shows, your favorite music that I have played since my very first show, and finally, vote on your FAVORITE Mistress Laney audios. You will also be able to leave me comments in regard to each.

You can also email your votes to me at Do you need to listen to my audios again to refresh your memory? Visit my blog at and click on the audio library tab at the top of the home page. Here, you can listen to every erotic audio I have ever played on my show.  Voting will end on *January 21st* at noon. Once you have voted, don’t forget to tune in to the Locked Cock Radio Hour *January 22* at midnight (ok, ok…really the 23rd) to hear the winners. I will be playing the top opening song, your top 10 favorite songs, and most importantly….YOUR TOP 10 MISTRESS LANEY AUDIOS!!!! This will be a GIANTESS SIZED show you will NOT want to miss!!!!  Don’t forget, vote or email to let me know that YOU want to hear!!!