Post Wrap Up for May 19th at Hair and Heels “Inside the Stroker’s Studio inside of the Mind of Mindless”

To get to know Mindless is to love him.  Faithful readers and downloaders, get ready to get to know Mindless.

On the May 19th episode of Hair and Heels, we had another installment of the the H & H exclusive segment, “Inside the Stroker’s Studio”.  So far these conversations have proved to be as intense and revealing as Frost/Nixon, just with many more erections generated.  This week’s tete a tete was a tender one though, because the fondness the principals have for each other was readily apparent throughout the episode.  Of course, I’m speaking of H & H co-hostess Ms. Alexandria and her gentle giant, Mindless.

But, these two were not alone on talkshoe, for we were joined by a gaggle of Mistress royalty.  The newly enchanted Ms. Claire was in the co-pilot’s seat for the duration of the show, Ms. Morgan called in (though after her expansive role last week on the show, she was mostly on “giggle duty” this week), and we had a call in from the lovely Princess Andi.  Not for nothing mindless, but kudos of the 4:1 ratio you had going there!  Also, Ms. Delia was in the chatroom firing away some comments there.

But the centerpiece of the show was definitely the growing connection between Ms. Alexandria and Mindless.  Despite being someone who routinely rolls his eyes at trite romantic comedies and mawkishness in general (though I certainly have my exceptions, as anyone who has heard me ramble on swooningly about the virtues of the cult romance “Before Sunrise” can attest), I was charmed by the bond those two seem to have forged.  Even in the short time of that they have known each other, they are a great example of the kind of connection you can make with someone at LDW/EE.

Oh, we also had a little “Happy Birthday” sung this week to longtime community member billybravo, who was “tied up” for most of the show, as part of Hair and Heels’ “It’s Your Birthday” series.  Hope it was a great one Billy, and congrats on your little “gift bag” courtesy of Ms Alexandria and Ms Ivy.

Well, that’s all I have from this episode.  Not to be outdone, next week we are having another “Inside the Stroker’s Studio” interview next week with the “Poet Laureate” of LDW, the loquacious bookman.   For an extended sneak preview of that episode check back in a few days in advance of that episode that will air next  Thursday 8pm, on the 26th.

By the way, Mindless in addition to the sweet guy mentioned above, is also very funny.


For example, he is such a “backside admirer” that when he zeroes in on an attractive candidate in tight jeans “he call tell whether the dime nestled snug in her back pocket you could is heads or tails.”  So I will hint at a few more of those humorous moments (among other various trivia) in this week’s “Hail of Bullets”, the weekly collection of random comments and questions from the 5/19 episode:

  • What “notable birthday rendition” occurred 49 years ago?
  • What, according to mindless, is the equivalent to “the touch of satan”?
  • What was a mindless manifestation of a “naughty Dumbo scene”?
  • Who found themselves in a foreign country and became a victim of the metric system?  How did this manifest itself?
  • How would one get kinky with a “flux capacitor”?
  • What is mindless’ preferred “after party snack”?
  • (For the last two, if know the answers, feel free to explain them to the rest of us)