Notes from the LDW Correspondent Desk

It’s your favorite LDW correspondent Castaway here to provide some more scoops regarding the upcoming installment of Hair and Heels, on  Despite the short week, Ms. Ivy and Ms. Alexandria show no signs of letting up in providing the potential for another great episode.  This Thursday, July 7th, our fearless Mistresses will be inviting  Patron Saint of All Mistresses “Inside the Stroker’s Studio”.

Saint has been a valuable, loyal member of the chatroom and the LDW/Enchantrix Empire community in all of the time that I have been involved here, and I certainly presume farther back than that.  While he’s not always the most “chatty” community member, to put it in basketball parlance–when he does contribute “he shoots a high percentage from the field”.  (Incidentally, those of you who are NBA fans, enjoy that metaphor because due to the impending lockout, you may not see a professional basketball game for at least 12 months.) Saint also enjoys somewhat of a starring role during Ms. Tia’s Pool Party show on Cock Radio, as in addition to being the regular bartender his versatile talents often allow him to double as Ms. Tia’s “oil boy”.  And to you aspiring Ms. Tia’s “oil boys” out there, I would like to recommend one word (no, not “plastics”):  punctuality.

As far as saint’s interests in the “LDWverse”, I certainly don’t have a full report (and I’m sure he would be quite suspicious if I did).  One topic I have heard him speak eloquently on is CFNM.  A few months ago on The Weekly Hot Spot, Ms. Delia and Ms. Layla had an episode dedicated to the topic, and saint in fact called in and shared some insight on why that topic was of particular interest to him.  He used an especially apt metaphor about how the male submitting to getting naked in front of his clothed female superior is akin to a setting where a disguised person has to take off their mask, bringing his vulnerability into full view.

As for me, the last time I had to remove my mask in a hair-raising setting to mirror this kind of situation, it was unsettling to say the least.

Anyway–enough clowning around here, because this whole time I’ve been breaking a cardinal rule of being a good journalist; I’ve been “burying the lead”. Saint will indeed be joining Ms. Ivy and Ms. Alexandria on Thursday, but he will not be arriving alone.  He will be joined by the woman who I believe is his very favorite Mistress, the lovely Ms. Brianna.  Ms. Alexandria has referred to them as the “Royal Romantic Couple of LDW”, and based on their charming chatroom interaction I would be inclined to agree with that moniker.  Now, as far as how and when this Mistress/chatter “love connection” was forged, I cannot definitively say.  But I do remember that Ms. Brianna’s interview with Ms. Tia was one of my favorites, me being heartily enthralled with her amazing voice as well as her “tales of the massage table”, from her day job as a massage therapist.  Ms. Brianna was quite popular with the chatters that night, as I believe three of them called into the interview.  One of them of course was our pal Saint.

All right, everyone, that’s about going to wrap it up for this post.  I have a quick plug before I let you go.  Round 1 of the Strokeathon was this past Saturday, and I don’t know if it was just my hard on talking, but I would have to call the event a “rousing” success.  I’d like to give kudos to the other Mistresses and chatters participating, especially Ms. Lauren for coordinating and putting it all together.  There are four more events to come (each taking place on successive Saturdays in July at 2PM EST).  According to Ms. Lauren’s recent post on EE, there is still time to sign up for some of the upcoming events.  Whether you end up doing so or not, I would still recommend stopping by the chatroom on Saturday 2PM EST if you like the idea of a Mistress packed chatroom, heavy on the flirtation and brand new audios.

That’s all for now—have a great week everyone!