Well, it’s Monday, another work week is here.  Are you having a hard time getting your day rolling?  We here at Cock Radio have the perfect way to spend your evening! Monday Mystery Mistress will be live at 8 pm on Cock Radio with a new Mystery Mistress delighting you with her sexy voice and awesome tunes!

You may be asking yourself who can the Mystery Mistress be this week? Here are just a few hints.  She is very sexy! Oh, I know all of us are, so let’s try another hint.  Our Mystery Mistress has incredible legs that just keep going and going.  This is helping.  I know – this Mistress loves a stroker slut who is willing to entertain her every whim, now that has to help!

If you are the first one to leave the correct Mistress’ name in a comment right here on this blog before 7:30pm eastern, then you win 10 free minutes of phone sex with yours truly, Ms Constance!

Join the fun live show at 8pm on Cock Radio and of course, in our adult kink chat room to hear the winner of this week’s contest.