Hey Hey Hey Fans!

I am happy to be posting a new adult podcast and this one is with not just one sexy lady but two!!! I was fortunate enough to sit down with Ms Sloane and Ms Gemma and ohhh my, did we have some fun.

It seems all of us are size queens to a certain extent,  and my do those ladies just love some small penis humiliation!!! Listen in as we discuss those small penises and our love for big dicks.  Ms Gemma and Ms Sloane even go on cock hunting expeditions searching for the best and the biggest cocks there are!!!

You will hear us laughing and enjoying each other as we discuss all types of cocks and a few of you will be surprised to even hear your names mentioned!  Although we did not discuss your cocks, we did discuss how much you would love to be between Ms Gemma and Ms Sloane when they were on one of their cock hunts hehehehehehehe.

So are you ready to sit back relax and listen to three sexy ladies discuss their size queen preferences….and just what those little penises are good for???

Be sure to leave a comment on how you enjoyed it or even how it may have made you feel a little inadequate hehehehehehe

gemma054                          Sloane_008

Ms Gemma                                                                      Ms Sloane