Hi there everyone, I wanted to invite you all to a new talkshoe program that Ms Vivian and Ms Constance will be co hosting together. In the The Boudoir with Constance & Vivian. This show is geared to those who enjoy the more feminine things in life, panty boys, sissy girls, cross dressers and anyone else who might want to explore their feminine side. This Show will be Bi weekly starting on March 7th at 11am on talkshoe here is the link… https://www.talkshoe.com/tc/76154

We hope to have many of you join and the great thing about talkshoe is it is FREE to join and your even able to call in and join us live during the show for FREE. Feel free to contact Ms Constance or Ms Vivian for any questions you might have.  Don’t forget, that’s March 7th, 2010 and bi weekly every Sunday at 11AM on https://www.talkshoe.com/tc/76154  Call in to ask questions and interact with your MILF Mistress Vivian or the Kinky Empress Constance, or both.  For all things feminization, you should always listen to Cock Radio!