Hello there sexy fans!

Tonight starting at 8 pm eastern you all are in for a treat, Ms. Taylor is taking over the adult chat duties on Thursday night and she will be there hosting and warming everyone up for the magic carpet ride on our very own Sexy Radio station with the ohh so sexy Ms. Catherine hosting!!!


Now at 8 pm be sure to be in chat to welcome Ms. Taylor and make her feel comfy and above all behave because I happen to know if you do not behave that Ms Taylor has no problem putting you over her sexy knee and spanking you!!


At 9pm you have the ultra sexy always amazing Ms. Catherine taking over the cock radio and delighting the rowdy boys and girls of chat with her sexy voice and wicked mind!

Now you know what’s going on tonight all that is left to do is bring your sweet asses on over to the chat room and tune in to cock radio and be a part of the fun!