Are you ready for three full hours of fun and sexiness??

Starting at 8 pm you have the ohh so sexy Mistress Taylor hosting our adult chat room for a full hour, getting everyone warmed up for the Magic Carpet ride that starts at 9pm. Chat is always fun and Ms. Taylor is a blast to spend time with so do not miss this chance to hang out with her!

At 9 pm you have the gorgeous Ms. Catherine hosting her weekly 2 hour cock radio show the Magic Carpet and if you have ever been to one of her shows you know to sit down wind of cannibal and bring plenty of duct tape because people are known to have flown off the carpet mid ride!

Now you know when and you have links to where all you have to do is just show up and enjoy all the fun and sexiness that is sure to take place!

Ohhhh and be sure to wish Cannibal a Happy Birthday because today is he is the Birthday Boy…but beware he may expect anal for his gift and well I am not sure anyone should have to do that with him…it could be life changing! (And not in a good way LOL)

Taylor3                       Empress Catherine

     Ms. Catherine



Ms. Taylor