HI Everyone today is your lucky HUMP Day because I am posting this latest Candid Chat adult podcast with Ms Olivia and myself!!!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with ms Olivia not long ago and we spent an hour or so just chatting about many things but one thing is for sure she loves Masturbation, hell as she said in the pod cast we all do it…she does it he does they do it we all do it!!

I just love Ms Olivia’s thoughts on phone sex and masturbation and my goodness at the end i swear I had to touch myself just a little because well she ummm well ohh hell just listen to it and you will see!!!

I have done many sessions with Ms Olivia and find her not only sexy but intelligent and creative and fuck the list could go on for days about all the wonderful things that make up this sexy Mistress.

In this podcast you will hear some great information on doing sessions with this experienced Mistress¬†and what she expects from her play partners….I will say this much if you walk away from this knowing only one thing it would be how much Olivia enjoys doing what she does…from masturbation to cuckolding to chastity she loves loves loves what she does and it shows!!!

Now the time has come for you to sit back press the play button on the podcast and just enjoy a candid chat with Olivia and I…..ohh and boys no cumming!