HI Everyone!

I am happy to be posting this adult podcast for all those anal fans out there! Ms Piper and I had the best time in our Candid Chat talking about all things anal, including the type you can buy in the store and the type you can come up with from around the house!

Ms Piper is very skilled in anal sex and she shares with all of us her love of anal and how she does not just talk about doing it she actually does it! You will find her sexy voice and her amazing mind very alluring, and I can assure you for those on the fence about using anal toys that you can simply call Ms Piper and she will expertly guide you through it.

If you are looking for some advice or have any questions about this pod cast please feel free to leave comments on this blog and we will be happy to answer them as best we can.

Are you ready to hear Ms Piper and I talking about anal toys and our love of anal sex? Well sit back and relax. Perhaps get your favorite toy and play during this podcast.  We promise you that it will be asstastic!!!