Tia’s Summer All Adult Pool Party

Join Mistress Tia this Tuesday, May 31st and every following Tuesday this summer for 2 hours of Mistress recommended pool therapy.  Get hot and chill out with some great tunes, hot bodies and a cool pool.  Mistress Tia will be hanging out by the pool every Tuesday night this summer, so be sure to stop by for a dip in the pool and some margaritas.  As always, the first chatter to enter the adult chat room will be welcomed and given the coveted title of “oil boy” for the 2 hour show.  Of course other subs are always needed for towel boys and drink mixers, so stop by and help out.  Swimsuits are always optional!

Smooth Jizz in June with Empress Alexandria

Mistress Alexandria will be bringing us some smooth jazz to heat up our nights on Tuesday evenings at 10PM Eastern, right after the pool party.  Stick around for this elite all adult jazz club and enjoy the sweet sounds of smooth jazz starting June 21st.  Check it out!