A little bit of darkness; a little bit of light . . . . a Sensual Princess and Ms. Marilyn’s bite. All of these things are sure to entice, so long as you join us on Cocktober 29th! Princess Andi and Mistress Marilyn will be rockin’ the cock and partying in the Community Kink chatroom at 9pm Eastern Time Till 11pm, and you are in for a night of spooktastic fun!

Following Ms. Constance’s sexy Kink Corner show, we’ll be live on air having sexy, spooky, Mistress fun! We might have to tease you senseless by telling you about the sexy costumes we plan to wear on Halloween, or scare your pants off when Ms. Marilyn tells her spookiest story yet 😉 As for tunes, we’ll have the creepy, the rockin’, and the macabre to keep up with the theme of the season- and as an added plus, you know there’s no way in hell Ms. Marilyn and Ms. Andi could co-host a Cocktober radio show without discussing Andi’s boobies 😉

Remember, The Cocktober Haunted Blog Carnival is in full swing, so our night of fun is just to warm you up and keep you teased for the biggest Cocktober event- Ms. Delia’s Radio Halloween Party on Cocktober 30th at 9pm Eastern Time! Your LDW Cock Jock Mistresses have all your spooky and kinky Halloween entertainment needs covered this year- you won’t want to miss either of these sexy events. We’ll be sure to ramp you up for your Halloween romp, and Princess Andi and Mistress Marilyn will look forward to seeing you at our show! Mark your calendars, naughty boys and girls 😉