We are having a special Bah Humbug No Holiday party this Saturday in the Community Kink Adult Chat room and live on Cock Radio.  Saturday, the 13th of December from 8PM to 10PM Eastern.  Come listen anc enjoy some raunchy Christmas tunes as well as some old favorites!  There will be games and prizes.

Your MILF Mistress Viv will be broadcasting LIVE on Cock Radio, and joined by the Velvet Voiced Miss Catherine, our Party Princess Cassidy, and Always Adored Mistress Natalie – for contests, games and prizes.

Enter your best/worst Holiday Horror Story for your Mistresses’ amusement and judgment. One Winner will receive The Coveted Scrooge Award – An Inflatable Fruit Cake.

Games? Prizes?

Tune into Cock Radio at 9 PM and play Miss Catherine’s Not Your Usual Holiday Quiz.
Win a FREE 10 minute call w/ one of the party’s Hum Bug Hostesses.

Come hang out 8 PM eastern for an hour of grousing, kvetching and tune in to Cock Radio and give a listen to Miss Viv’s Anti-Holiday Play List. It’s a Live broadcast that’s stuffed with tunes and comedy cuts – bound to make you yell Bah! Humbug!

The Fun Starts At 8 & The Radio Games Begin @9 eastern Sharp!