The Magic Bus, one of our most popular shows on Cock Radio, will be taking a hiatus (for those of you that ride the bus that’s a LONG TRIP, man)  until June.  Join Ms Catherine for a special Magic Bus on Sunday, March 14th at 10PM Eastern in the adult chat room and Live on Cock Radio.  But don’t fear, you can always check Ms Catherine’s blog for her lovely bedtime stories, and of course you can call her anytime on the phone sex lines.

In case you haven’t noticed we are migrating some shows to the talkshoe format.  If this is something you’ve never tried, you should.  You won’t have to experience those annoying drop outs and you can even call in free to talk with your favorite femdoms.  What have you got to lose?  Be sure to look for Provocatalk on Talkshoe.