Hi Cock Fans!

It is Monday and that means one thing….Mystery Mistress night live on Cock Radio at 8 pm! Each and every Monday night there is a new Mystery Mistress hosting live on the radio as well as hanging out in our adult chat room! This is such a fun show you know how we ladies love to tease you guys and by not knowing who it is till 8 pm we are having a little fun with tease and delay!

This week our sexy hostess will be delighting you with her sensual voice and great tunes….ohhh but can you guess which Mistress it will be? If you are the first one to ¬†guess correctly by leaving a comment on this blog before 7:30pm est you will win a FREE phone sex call with Me!

Here is a few hints…..this sexy Mistress loves fresh meat! She expects to be pleased and if you do not do as she wishes I guarantee you that you will be punished!! She loves teasing men and making them hard and trust me she will keep that cock occupied and that mind in subspace!

Do you think you know who it is?? Well let the guessing begin!! Good luck!


Who's Sexy Voice will you hear tonight?

Who’s Sexy Voice will you hear tonight?