Hey there Everyone!!

Well I am thrilled to be able to bring to you my latest adult podcast that I did with Ms Dallas and it is all about latex and how much she loves playing with clients who enjoy the latex fetish!

I will admit I know next to nothing about latex and I do not care to wear things so tight…but after speaking to Ms Dallas about it I now understand more why someone would enjoy it so much. Ms Dallas sure knows her stuff and man does she enjoy her clients who are into latex.

You will hear some great safety tips when it comes to playing with latex and get some great advice from Ms Dallas who is very experienced with latex and bondage!

I really enjoyed hearing how thoughtful she is to her clients who enjoy the kink and how conscious she is of them….I never thought of playing with latex before but I am very interested in it now!

I often feel that learning about a new kink is like discovering a new country or new favorite web site or something awesome.  It sets off a light bulb inside me and I can see how hot and sexy it is now.  So enjoy the podcast and if you have any questions or comments feel free to post them right here in the comments section!