Join the Mistresses of Hair and Heels Thursday night at 8pm EST 8/18 for Semen 101. Bring your questions and curiosities and we will have answers for you. Have you ever wondered about ingesting Semen? Do these questions plague your mind? If so, join us tonight where we give you the straight facts about semen. Regarding male semen taste here are some of the most common questions on why some women swallow semen and concerns about if eating semen is safe: Does semen have taste? Is it safe to swallow semen? Is swallowing semen good for you? Is eating semen fun? Do some foods affect the taste of semen? Can I increase semen volume with food? What are the benefits of drinking semen? What are the nutritional facts of semen? What are the risks of swallowing semen? Is male semen fattening? How can I change the taste of semen? What about improving semen taste?  If you have wondered any of these questions or you have questions of your own about cum eating you won’t want to miss this show.  These femdom mistresses can coach your cum eating fantasy into a reality and do so with great skill.  Be sure to call in toll free and talk to these ladies during their show!