Hiya Everyone!

Cooper and Co is scheduled to start at 8 pm eastern tonight and it is 2 full hours of sexy adult radio.You can tune in to hear Ms. Coopers sexy voice and great laugh, and this week it is going to be all her own musical choices which I am sure you all will enjoy!

You can also join the adult kink chat happening during her live show where I am sure the chatters will be their usual wild and crazy selves!  Ms. Cooper requests you only throw marshmallows if you do not enjoy her music and not tomatoes, because dang it, they hurt when you throw them!


Today is Ms. Catherine’s Featured Mistress day which means if you have ever called before, then you will get 10 free minutes with her today!! Yes 10 free minutes of phone sex which you can use to add onto a call or to just get to know her or even used to have a quickie! So get those phones and be prepared to be blown away by this sexy Mistress for FREE.

Ms Catherine