I have no idea why this didn’t post yesterday



Hi there Cock fans!

Guess what day it is….go on guess…..what day is it??? Huh what day is it??? Hump Dayyyyyyyyyy w00t w00t hehehehehe! But not only is it hump day, it is also Cooper and Company which is a fun live Cock Radio broadcast every Wednesday night from 8pm to 9pm with the sexy Ms Cooper hosting!

Ms. Cooper will be turning you all on as you tune in for a full hour of sexy fun! You all know that she is the blooper and typo queen so if you want to check out those typos you will have to be in the adult chat room during the live show and of course be tuned in to hear those fun bloopers!

Ms Cooper will be all alone on her show tonight, so be sure to give her some extra loving and as always BYOB and clothing is optional!