Hey Hey Hey Everyone!!!

Today will be the Erotic Fiction day for all the ladies to post the second chapter to their sexy stories…have you been reading them? I sure have and let me tell you we have some ultra sexy talented ladies writing!!!

The stories are so great that tonight during Kink Korner Constance is going to be reading one perhaps more during the show!! Yes you will get to hear her reading those sexy stories with her sexy voice!!!

You can join the Adult Radio Show at 8 pm and be sure to check out whats happening in the adult chat room during the show because there is always something fun going on!!

So are you ready to listen to some erotic stories and have a great time tonight??? I hope to see all there because I am sooo soooo ready to get my erotica on!

Here is a list of the ladies who are writing check out their blogs to read part one and two of their amazing erotic Stories!!


Ms Alexis

Ms Callie

Ms Cassidy

Ms Cecilia

Ms Chelsea

Ms Harper

Ms Josephine

Ms Lydia

Ms Olivia

Ms Piper

Ms Scarlet

Ms Sierra

Ms Simone

Ms Sloane

Ms Stephanie

Ms Vivian

As a special treat I included an audio Ms Chelsea did to promo the erotica that is being posted enjoy her sexy voice