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Join Empress Alexandria and I, Empress Ivy for our third and final installment of their 3 part, 101 fetish series. The past 2 weeks we have discussed several different fetishes, some bizarre, some eerie, and some very, very kinky, over 60 fetishes gone over, just over 30 left!

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101 Fetishes, Part 1

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To tie up our 101 fetish series, at the end we will have an intro discussion on tantra.

What is Tantra?

Although Tantra has been long practiced in many eastern countries, it is just beginning the to flourish in the United States.

With Tantra, it is not about tease and denial, it is not about the orgasm…it is about prolonging the sensations and being in touch and in tune with your love.

The word “Tantra” means to manifest, to expand, to show, and to weave” . In this context sex is thought to weave together male and female into a harmonious whole.

Picture erotic touching and massage, prolong caressing, deep kissing. Long love making sessions that may eventually lead to an everlasting amazing orgasm…Which is likely, but not the ultimate goal.


So, Be sure and Join Alexandria and I during our part 3 of 101 fetishes episode. We will close out our 101 different sexual fetishes and end with an intro to tantra.

When: Thursday, 8pm eastern


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