Well look at how far we have come…it hardly seems like it has only been one year since kink korner with Empress Constance started seems like it has been around forever! The show started out as an hour and quickly rolled into a 2 hour show and never lost its steam or followers, it is still going strong and one of the most popular shows on cock radio, maybe even on the internet. 

Ms Constance has delighted her listeners and the chatters in the adult chat room with stories of her life and shared many kinky thoughts and sexy stories and when you come to a kink korner show you never know what you might hear! Her Music whore program will be coming to a close in February but don’t fret you faithful listeners she is sure to keep the party going with requests from chatters and her own music and many kinky topics to discuss. So join her Show on January 12th which just happens to be Ms Constance’s 2 year anniversary with ldw/enchantrix and celebrate with her and all her kinky friends ON COCK RADIO! The Music whore for this show will be our very own Kel but the topic will be all about the past year of kink korner shows! Happy Anniversary Kink Korner and Happy Anniversary Ms Constance!!!!!