Hi there cock fans!!!

Happy Mystery Mistress Monday to you all!! I hope everyone had a great weekend and although back to work today have something to look forward to when you get home…..Mystery Mistress show at 8 pm eastern on cock radio!

This week I will do the same thing as last tell you all the things that the Mystery Mistress IS NOT and from there you can make your guess as to who you think it is. The first person to guess correctly by leaving a comment on this blog before 7:30 pm eastern will get a 2 minutes free sexy audio from me!!!! **note to receiver this audio you must mail me to let me know you won and what topic you would like it on ***

Now all the things the Mystery Mistress is not

She is not in her 40’s
She is not a brunette
She is not Huge breasted
She does not have short legs
She does not have a penis (duh)
She does not have a regular cock radio show

There you have it 6 clues as to what she is not or does not have and that should give you a  good idea of who it might be 🙂 So make your guess then tune in tonight and join the adult kink chat happening during the live show and see if you guessed correctly!