Hi there Cock fans!

Today is the best day of the week as it is Monday Mystery Mistress Day! But not only is it MM Day, it is also a holiday for many of us who live in the states!  We are celebrating Columbus Day and our neighbors to the north are celebrating Thanksgiving!  So what better way to spend the holiday with the sexy Monday Nighty Mystery Mistress!

As always, the first person to correctly guess who the Mystery Mistress is and posts their guess to a comment here on this blog before 7:30pm eastern will win a 10 minute free phone sex call with me! (Constance)

I bet you are wanting some clues now to whom it might be, huh? Well this week I will only give you one…..this is it…….she has done the Mystery Mistress show before!  Ya, ya, ya, I know that could be one of like a dozen, but hey it is a clue hehehehehe… besides I do not want to make it too easy for you all!

To find out if you are right check out the show live on Cock Radio at 8 pm and join the adult chat room during the show.