The Weekly Hot Spot started up last Friday night and it was a great show. I’m glad that Ms Delia and Ms Holly had such a great turnout. Don’t forget, your support of these very erotic podcast shows is vital to their existence so get involved, get excited, and leave lots of feedback. Telll the mistresses what you want to hear. Speaking of kinky podcast shows, have you checked out In the Boudoir with Constance and Vivian? Every other Sunday the ladies enter the boudoir for some frank and sexy talk about feminization, sissies and just overall kinky fun! Don’t miss the next show on the 25th of April at 11AM on Talkshoe.

Have you ever wondered what one man is doing hanging out with all of us mistresses? Sir Mathew is brave, honest, and oh so sexy! He’s our one and only Master of the phone sex lines so if you’ve been wanting to know more about him, be sure to come and listen when I interview him tonight at 8PM Eastern on Talkshoe. Adults only, don’t forget. Sir Mathew and I are going to have a lovely conversation, I’m sure of it. Expect your computer to steam up a bit!