I had a chance to hang out with the Wednesday night Cock Jocks last night in the adult chat room and listen as they played music chosen by our loyal fans, chatted it up and just generally had a great time. Mistress Constance had a theme to her show that was all about hair fetishes. Well, she tried to have a theme. But, we ended up talking about so many things in the chat room that it quickly became a “no theme” show. Which was fantastic, nonetheless. Wednesday nights are great on cock radio because we get a great 2 hour show with Mistress Constance on Kink Korner at 9PM and then Ms Hunter (The Cock Hunter) comes in at 11PM to finish us off, so to speak. Every adult topic or fetish you can think of is talked about, some of them more risque’ than others. So, if it’s mid week and you’re looking for a party without ever having to leave your house, come on over to the adult chat room, turn on our all adult radio station and get ready to be entertained – femdom style! See you there!