Hi there, Cock fans!

Due to situations out of our control, 365live will be phasing out, and any day now, we won’t be able to use it to do our weekly radio shows, which is a total bummer. But, GOOD NEWS!  We found an alternative that we think will do fine!

Link to the New Page

Here is the link to the page we set up. Going to this link will show you if there is a live show happening no matter who’s show it is. If, by chance, you go the page and it is not showing, just refresh the page and once the live show starts, it will show as live!

You can use this link for all your show needs, or you can click on the individual show links that I am sharing below. Either way, you get to hear us live, and although there is no music, you still get our sexy voices!

Please note we will still be using the communitykink.com chat room for shows. Nothing will change there. Also, as long as 365 is running, all other shows this week that are scheduled to happen will happen on the regular Cock Radio site, not this new one.

Kink Korner Tonight

I will be starting my show 10 minutes early just to ensure everyone can get to it and tune in okay. Here is the direct link to my show and when I go live, if you refresh your page, it will update and show the live podcast.

Naughty Realm

Ms. Hannah will  also be testing out this new platform tonight for her show, which by the way, will be trivia. YAY! Here is the link to her show: