Greetings Cock Radio Fans, this is BDSM Lifestyle Mistress Viv with some exciting news! The 4th Annual Cock Radio Labor Day Broadcast is slated for September 3rd from 7PM-Midnight.


The play list reflects the working person, from ACDC to Zeppelin and the conversation at our Adult Chat Room, Community Kink – is bound to be lively. You won’t want to miss a minute of it, because I’ll be giving away a prize for the best answer to our Question of the Day…

What was your BEST & Worst job of your Life?

So won’t you please join me, Cock Jock Vivian and all my Mistress Friends and help us celebrate the working men, Women and Friends of these Great, United States.

The List Is Growing!

Cock Radio LIVE

Miss Vivian 7-9 PM

Ms Ivy 9-10PM

Ms Gemma 10 – Midnight

Chat Room Hostesses