If you haven’t been over to Talkshoe and checked out our latest adult podcast shows, what the hell are you waiting for?  Two new shows are now being produced over on Talkshoe and showcased by Provocatalk Radio.  The Weekly Hot Spot with Delia and Holly, and The Voyeur Window with Violet and Jane.  Talkshoe gives the listener the opportunity to call in and talk to the Mistresses absolutely free.  So, take advantage of it.  I’ve heard that next week’s topic on the Voyeur Window will be strippers and strip clubs so you won’t want to miss that.

We have a lot of fun here on Cock Radio.  If you’ve never stopped in on a Wednesday night and listened to the live shows going on, you really should.  They are a riot!  Ms Constance even gave us all a 4:20 special on Tuesday, the ultimate 4/20.  It was an absolute blast.  A lot of people showed up in the adult chat room and the party was on.  Of course, parties never last forever and this one had to end.  But, it was a lot of fun.  If you know anything  about the cock jockeys at Cock Radio, you know these ladies like to party and get the caller and chatters involved in their shows.

Speaking of getting involved, I am going to be a guest on the Weekly Hot Spot on Talkshoe this coming Friday night, the 30th of April.  We’re going to talk about guided masturbation and masturbation in general.  As you know, masturbation is one of my favorite subjects and what better way to kick off masturbation month than to have some fun dialog about it?  Also, a little bird told me that you may soon be hearing Ms Catherine on the radio again so stay tuned for that announcement!

In the meantime, stay tuned to Cock Radio for new sexy audios and erotic podcasts.  As always, you can reach any of the mistresses at 800-356-6169, all calls are 2.50 per minute and you must be at least 18 years of age.