Greetings All! Cock Jock Vivian here to tell you all about what’s been happening on The Hump Day Radio Show.

It’s been a great month so far, and I’m happy to report that every week the number of listeners and chatters has been growing! Also growing is how many of my Mistress Friends have been stopping by Community Kink to tease and thrill our stroker boys and sissy gurls.

Lately, The Hump Day’s themes have run the gambit, from the Rat Pack to 1 Hit Wonders and the 4th Annual Memorial Day Broadcast was packed to the cyber rafters and 100% American Pride. Compiling great music that blends so well, couldn’t have been possible without the assistance of our musical maniacs at the Enchantrix Empire.

You’ll want to be tuning in this Wednesday June 13th when The Hump Day Radio Show brings you some of the Best, and possibly- The Worst musical duets– known to person kind. I may even be dropping a few hints about what Miss Sloane and I have been cooking up for y’alls amusement.

What about YOU?

What comes to mind when you think about Great Duos? Drop the name of your favorites here in the comments, and it might just be added to the evening’s broadcast. Hope to see y’all there. Don’t be late, the Humpin’ starts @8!

Sloane Says Mistress Wants You @ The Hump Day Show

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