Kink Korner

Kink Korner with Constance this past week was filled with laughter as your hostess Ms Constance seems to have had a case of the giggles and we all know how infectious her laugh can be! Her Music whore was the sexy aussie chatter ShinyKnob and in honor of Australian day he chose all Australian based musicians. Ms Constance delighted her listeners to a very funny Australian accent along with some Australian slang words and silly Australian news stories and dumb laws. Once again the room was packed as the kinky chatters enjoyed the music and the Mistress. Tune in next Wednesday when her last music whore will be Butters….Butters was her first music whore so only fitting that he end the music whore program by being the last. This is a Must hear show so don’t miss it Wednesday February 2nd from 9-11pm EST.

Hair and Heels

This week on HAIR and HEELS, the topic will be Amazonian Women/Giantess Fantasy.  Sound pretty exciting…..does it excite you to think of submitting to a women who is taller and stronger than you?  Or do you shudder to think of being snatched up by a GIANT WOMEN who just might toss you back and forth like a volley ball with one of the other Giantesses of Giantess Island?

We always enjoy our listeners and chatters to call in and we love hearing your thoughts! There is a discussion group started over at the Enchantrix Empire,  in the group, The Sneaky Cock,  for this episode, and all of our past episodes.  So, stop on over and get involved in the discussion and join in during the show!

And PLEASE mark your calendars for February 10th.  We are gearing up for a fun and unique show in Celebration of our Little Goddess, Empress Ivy’s birthday.  Come celebrate LOVE, and we do have some great FREE goodies we are giving away in our “Mistress Goody Bags”  Hope to see you all there!  Who knows,  maybe Spanking Ms. Ivy” be on the agenda……giggle~giggle!!

And as always, if you have a topic or something you’d like to hear on the sneaky cock just ask! And if you have any questions for us during the show, feel free to email us at

If you have missed past episodes you can download our past episodes on blog!  Please note we have a new title and a new blog at hair and heels. 

See you there!