Hi there Cock fans!

As many of you may know already, Ms. Andi is stepping back from hosting her show and chat, so tonight will be the very last chat on Thursday night for a bit. I love that Ms Andi had been hosting them and everyone really enjoyed hanging out with her fun, sexy, sweet self so she will be missed!

So be sure to pop in tonight, thank her for all she has done, hang out and have some fun in our adult chat room at 8 pm eastern.

I would like to take this time to thank Andi for all of her help in keeping our fans happy and going above and beyond for all of us.  Thanks sexy, you shall be missed on Monday afternoons and Thursday evenings.  Don’t fret everyone, Andi still plans on hanging out with us all during other shows and such, so be looking for her!  And of course she is still rocking those phones!