Hi there cock fans!

Well it is Friday and that means it is kink korner night with yours truly live on cock radio from 8-9pm but this is my last kink korner Friday night for a month so do not miss it! I will be taking the month off from my Friday night show as well as Sunday night chats but not to worry the sexy Ms. Catherine and perhaps other ladies will be filling in for me on the Sunday night Chats…and keep an eye out here to see if someone jumps on the cock radio on Friday nights! I will be back cock jocking and chatting in our adult chat room after the 14th of July so look for my return and miss me tons!!!!

Ldw Prom is happening tomorrow night June 15th from 7-9pm LIVE on cock radio as well as in the chat room, the sexy Ms. Lydia is our prom hostess and I am so looking forward to dressing up and dancing the night away with my date! If you have a date be sure to send Ms. Lydia an e-mail with what you and your date will be wearing so she can announce it live on air during the prom! If you do not have a date don’t worry because I am going to dance with everyone and we can play pass the date hehehehehe.

So there you have it tonight is the last kink korner for a month and tomorrow night is the prom…I think it is time to get your party on with the ladies of LDW so be sure to tune in and come and hang out in chat! You never know what is going to happen when we get on the air and start having fun!!!