Hi there Cock fans!

Tonight at 9 pm you all get to listen to the sexy Ms Lydia for her bi-weekly Love Lounge show live on cock radio and of course, in our adult chat room as well.

Ms. Lydia has been up to some naughtiness and I am sure she will tell you all about it! I can promise you that when it comes to the Love Lounge, Ms Lydia is one hell of a cock jock and is so much fun to hang out with!

Along with all her naughty stories and sexy updates on what’s happening in her life, you will be treated to some great tunes. So be sure not to miss this show, especially since she is not on every week!

Of course I have to mention that Ms Lydia says the word “fuck” a lot and the way she says it will make you excited and you are going to want to fuck, trust me!