Hi Cock radio fans!!!!

Well it is Thursday and of course we have a fun show for you tonight with Ms Catherine as your lovely hostess for the Magic Carpet Ride! This show is always a good time because Ms Catherine is amazing and certainly knows how to entertain all the rowdy ones on the carpet!

To hear Ms Catherine tune into cock radio or use the widget right here on this blog, and to join in on the fun in chat be sure to head on over to the kink chat room

Please remember to bring duct tape because it can be a bumpy ride and you may want to secure yourself to the carpet just remember to do this far away from cannibal and Tommie because even being near those two will get you in trouble!

Enjoy the ride!


Please note as of this week the chat room will NOT be opened at 8 pm for the hosted chat, I will update you all when someone starts hosting again