Hi there Everyone!!!

Well when most of the world is dreading Monday and the Monday Blahs we here at LDW/Enchantrix are celebrating them with a New Mystery Mistress Monday Live on cock radio starting at 8 pm!!

Every Monday we have a new Mystery Mistress to delight our listeners and our kink chat fans and this week I am sure you will all enjoy who is going to be on the radio!!

She is a blast from the past someone you all know and love and really enjoy she could even be called a wild woman around these parts but then again that can describe many of our Mistresses….so is your mind starting to wonder which lady it will be???

To find out who our Monday Mystery Mistress is tune in at 8 pm and head on over to chat and I promise you that you will not be disappointed!!!

Ohh and if you think you know who it is go on and leave a comment and guess and for the first person who gets it right I will give you 10 free minutes with me!!!!!

Who's Sexy Voice will you hear tonight?

Who’s Sexy Voice will you hear tonight?