Hi there cock fans!!!!

It is Monday and this week you all have a full work week which sucks but one great thing is that to end your work day you get 3 hours of live cock radio all starting at 8 pm eastern

Monday Mystery Mistress

This will start right at 8 pm with one of our amazing Mystery Mistress cock jocks taking over the radio and working you all up! This Mystery Mistress is someone near and dear to my heart and well my other naughty body parts……which she has enjoyed very much hehehehehe

This Mystery Mistress is someone cock radio fans have been enjoying for some time and when you hear her sexy voice you are sure to be aroused hell I cant hear her voice without getting turned on myself and I talk to her a lot!

Find out who it is by tuning in and heading on over to the adult chat room and then after the show stick around for………


Magic Bus Ride with Ms Catherine

Yes 2 more hours of cock radio and chat room fun will happen right after the Mystery Mistress show with Ms Catherine’s wild and fun Magic Bus show!

You get to hang out hear her sexy voice and all the things she says with her amazing accent that just make your body tingle….hell she can say kiss my ass and i will tingle!

You also get to enjoy all the rowdy bus riders and their unique topics which are many as they chat away during the live show! So get ready for 3 full hours on the cock and enjoy 2 sexy Mistresses Live in your ears!