Hi there cock fans!!!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!!! I know many of you have had a 3 day weekend and you might as well close it out with a BANG by spending 3 full hours tuned into some sexy cock radio shows!

8 pm Mystery Mistress mystery mistress

Staring at 8 eastern you get one full hour of sexy Mystery Mistress show and who will this sexy amazing intelligent creative Mistress be? Well duh you have to tune in to find out!

I will give you a hint she is AWESOME….does that give you a clue?? Okay how about she is SEXY any idea now who it might be? hehehehe I know I know I am teasing you but hey that’s part of the fun!

Join the live show and find out and then stick around for 2 hours of cock radio and kinky adult chat for the amazing Ms Catherine’s weekly show the Magic Bus.

This weekly show it so popular they had to get a bigger bus for everyone to fit and still have lots of room to be away from cannibal hahahahaha

Join in on the fun tune in to hear some great tune and Ms Catherine’s sexy voice and enjoy the end of your long weekend cock radio style!