Hi there, Cock fans!

Well, here we are again, another Monday, the day most working people hate.  Around here we love Mondays because there is a new Mystery Mistress live on Cock Radio and of course, hanging out in our kink chat room.  If you can correctly guess who the Mystery Mistress is and leave that name in a comment on this blog before 7:30 pm, then you get 10 free minutes of phone sex with Ms. Constance! Now to be fair I will give you some hints about tonight’s awesome Mystery Mistress.

Our sexy Mistress has been enjoying a bit of a sexual awakening.  She has dated conservative men who are addicted to her, and has also dated guys much younger than her, which I find very cool.  Our Mystery Mistress always seems to to keep finding men who just cannot help but tell her all their dirty secrets.  I find this to be very, very hot!

So do you think you have any idea who it is? To find out if your answer is right, tune in tonight at 8 pm eastern and enjoy the sexy Mystery Mistress show!