Hi there cock fans!!!!

Happy Monday to you all….hey stop that grumbling! I know the first day of the work week sucks but it is happy because you get treated to a New Mystery Mistress live on cock radio at 8 pm eastern tonight!

This week I have decided to do something a tad different instead of telling you all the things the Mystery Mistress is I have decided to tell you all the things she is NOT….lets see if anyone can figure out who she is. If you are the first one to correctly guess who it is and leave her name in a comment right here on this blog post before 7:30 pm eastern I am going to allow YOU to pick my music for kink korner on Wednesday night that’s 5 songs your choice along with the topic you would like to discuss 🙂


All the things this weeks Mystery Mistress is NOT

She is not new to radio
She is not a red head
She is not a lesbian
She is not me
She is not super young
She is not old
She does not have huge boobs
She is not boring
She is not bitchy (well most of the time she isn’t) LOL

So by looking at all the things the Mystery Mistress is NOT can you guess who it might be tonight? Be sure to join the adult chat room during the show and of course tune in to hear her sexy voice live!