Hi there Cock fans!

It is the start of a new week and although that typically would be followed by a bunch of groans because the weekend is over,  around here it means a New Mystery Mistress is live on Cock Radio at 8 pm!

Who is this week’s Mystery Mistress? Well I can give you this hint: she has done it before and she knows how to rock the Cock! The Mystery Mistress has also been with LDW for some time and enjoys having fun with everyone. She is sexy, witty and so much fun to hang out with! I know this could mean any one of our ladies and it will be hard to guess, but that’s part of the fun!

Do you think you know who the Mystery Mistress is? You can find out by tuning in at 8 and coming to the adult chat room.  If you are the first person to correctly guess who the Mystery Mistress by leaving a comment on this blog before 7:30pm eastern time you win 10 free phone sex minutes with yours truly (Constance).