HI there cock fans!!!

I am thrilled to announce that YES there will be a Monday Mystery Mistress LIVE on cock radio at 8pm eastern!! I know you all have been missing them and it has been touch and go each week but this one is happening….least I hope it is and if it doesn’t happen I blame Tommie!

Who will this sexy Mystery Mistress be? Well that’s a secret but know this she has done it before and is no stranger to cock…or cock radio for that matter!!! He laugh will make you smile and her voice will make those cocks jump to attention!!!

To see who it is and join in on all the fun check out the show live and join the adult kink chat room during the broadcast!

Who's Sexy Voice will you hear tonight?

Who’s Sexy Voice will you hear tonight?


Please note Ms Catherine has the night off from the bus so no show after the Mystery Mistress