HI there cock fans and boy do I have a sexy treat for all of you!!!! I got the pleasure of sitting down with the oh so sexy Mistress Olivia and the resulting interview was not only fun but down right sexy!!!!

Find out how we started the interview on a VERY sexy note and be sure to listen all the way through because you will hear Ms Olivia coo and purr all over me and let me tell you by the time we were done panties had to be changed!!!!

You can enjoy hearing about her style on the phone and if she is a femdom in the rest of her life. You also get sexy tidbits like what she does in her personal time and oh there is even a little spot in there about her sexy taste in lingerie!

There is information in the interview that will help you get in touch with her easy as well as sexy information like her favorite sexy toy to use on a partner.

This is now where I leave you to sit back relax and enjoy this amazing interview!


Mistress Olivia