Hey there Everyone!!!

We have a few things going on around here and tonight at 8 pm you can check out the sexy Ms Tia as she interviews Ms Taylor!! The last one she had scheduled had to be postponed due to talk shoe being naughty…but no worries Ms Tia has slapped the talk shoe around got it working and they are good to go tonight!!

If you have never been to an interview you are missing out!!! You not only get to hear the sexy voice of Ms Tia but you get to hear Ms Taylor too as she answers some great questions. This interview is not only sexy and fun but it is informative and you will find out just what our lovely Ms Taylor enjoys on the phone and even in her personal life!!

If you go to the live show you can even ask Ms Taylor questions…and if you are unable to make it well no worries it is an adult podcast so you can always download it and listen to it at a later time.

To Join the show go Here ~~> Talk Show Mistress Interviews

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News From Ms Ann


Everyone wins! Everyone that enters will receive 10 free minutes with Mistress Ann, if 15 participants enter then everyone will get 15 free minutes!  It’s easy and OH SO MUCH FUN!  Here are the rules:


1.  You must say in the commercial that your product, or whatever your advertising is a PROUD SPONSOR OF Ms Ann’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE ON THE COCK radio show!

2.  Audio MUST  be at least 20 seconds, and no longer than 3 minutes.

3.  Must have the audio sent to Me at ann@enchantrixempire.com by May 20 at Midnight in order to participate in contest  AND receive free  minutes.  The winner will be announced on May 25, 2013, during Saturday  Night Live on the Cock, beginning at 11pm EST.  You can start sending  the audio’s to Mistress anytime!

4.  Audio MUST BE in mp3 format.

5.  GET CREATIVE!  Make up a product, a place or thing!  CANNOT involve any of our no no topics! *please ask if you do not know what they are*

6.  Mistress has final say and may change or add rules as needed.

Visit Ms Ann’s blog  for information, or feel free to email her at ann@enchantrixempire.com for more details!