Hi there Cock fans!

Monday is here and we are ready for a new Mystery Mistress on Cock Radio at tonight at 8pm.  If you are the first one to leave a comment with the correct guess of who the Mystery Mistress is you will win 10 FREE Minutes of Phone Sex!

The Mystery Mistress show is not only live on Cock Radio but it is also in our adult chat room at the same time, so you have two ways to find out who she is.  So why not do both!

I bet you would love some hints as to who the Mystery Mistress is!  Well let’ see…she is sexy, but that is everyone here. She’s intelligent, oh no wait, that is everyone here again.  hehehehehe I love teasing you all!

She is sensual and has a certain sultry voice that makes men weak for her. This Mistress wants you to share your secret desires and forbidden pleasures with her.  Do you think you know who it is? Take your one guess and leave it as a comment. The first one to post the correct Mistress’ name wins 10 free minutes!!!


Who's Sexy Voice will you hear tonight?

Who’s Sexy Voice will you hear tonight?