It seems we have a lot of new things happening over here at Cock Radio and also on Talkshoe. First, the Mistress Interviews will be taking a mini vacation for the summer but not to worry. Mistress Tia will be entertaining you for TWO hours every Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern live on Cock Radio during her pool party. Now, the first show will be an hour on Cock Radio and an hour on Talkshoe. Since Mistress Mandy’s interview had some sound issues, we’ll be heading over to talkshoe to do another take. Please join us at 9PM Eastern for the Mistress Mandy do-ovah interview. Then, starting on the 13th of July, the Pool Party will be a two hour event each week for the summer.

Next up, Ms Catherine is working out the glitches of her Magic Carpet Ride but she’s willing to hang in there for all of you. So, stay put on Thursday nights at 9PM because whether or not she’s live, she’s still here. If you were a fan of the bus, you’re going to love the Magic Carpet. Empress Catherine is always entertaining and her entourage is fun, too!

We also welcomed Mistress Gemma to the airwaves on the 28th of June. We’ll be seeing her again next month, so be sure to check the schedule. She had a great virgin show and we were excited to have her on Cock Radio. Be sure to turn out and show your support on the 26th of July for her next sexy adult radio show.

Mistress Cecilia will be hosting a new show on Talkshoe starting July 10th, be sure to check the radio schedule and this blog for more details as they come in.

We have much more in store for you this sumer on the only adult internet radio station dedicated to your masturbation pleasures. Stay tuned!