If you are a frequent listener to the adult radio station, you probably noticed we have some new audios playing over the last few days.  In fact, I have heard from many of you that your favorite part of the erotic radio station is the erotic audios we play so often.  We’re happy to do it and plan to keep updating them as much as possible.  So, listen for your favorite mistress, I’m sure you will find her lovely sexy voice on our recorded shows and podcasts.  Speaking of recorded shows, we replay our Mistress Interview each week on a daily basis so don’t miss the interview with Empress Josephine.  Empress Josephine was quite enlightening and so much fun to talk to.  You will have the opportunity to hear Goddess Dallas this week on the radio.  Stop by Tuesday night at 8PM in the kinky chat room and ask her a few questions of your own if you like.  We’ll be live on Talkshoe but we’ll be hanging out in our own adult chat room with you!

I’m sure if you’re a follower of the Magic Bus, you know that Empress Catherine is on vacation this week.  Somebody somewhere is probably rubbing her luscious body down with warm oil as I type this.  But, you’re in luck, because Empress Constance will be the guest hostess on  this wildly popular radio hit.  Be sure to tune in this Sunday night at 10PM, you won’t want to miss it.  Empress Constance is so sexy, her voice will make you positively melt.