Wow, new everything, huh?  We do have some new faces at LDW and I’d love for you to check them all out.  We have Empress Constance and I posted her lovely voice on the radio for you all to hear.  She’s a wondeful femdom and very talented storyteller.  We also have Empress Bella, who is as beautiful as her name with dark hair and sexy red lips.  When she speaks you will feel that familiar twinge between your thighs, believe me.

I’ve added a few new free femdom audios to the radio tonight.  48, to be exact!  That’s a lot of new sexy stories for you to hear and a lot of great voices to tickle your erection.  Don’t worry, we’ve covered every subject from cuckolds to sissy sluts and in between.  There’s something for everyone, I’m sure.

Speaking of new things on the radio, be sure to stop by on Tuesday evenings and get a treat from either myself (Mistress Tia) or Goddess Hannah.  We will be sharing a radio spot on Tuesday nights so tune in to find out who you get to spend a sexy hour with.  As always we will also be in the cock radio chat room and entertaining you on the adult airwaves.  Cassidy has a new show on Monday afternoons from noon to 1PM Eastern.  It’s the Cuckolds Anonymous meeting with Empress Cassidy.  So, if you are a cuckold and want to talk about your humiliating existence, stop by the adult chat room and tune in to cock radio for a little fun with Empress Cassidy on  Monday afternoons!

Til next time!

Rock out with your Cock out!