Saturday mornings just got sexier!  Mistresses Layla and Delia have combined their shows to create the Sensuous Eavesdropper on Saturday mornings at 8am eastern.

Ms. Delia will still be giving you all the inside scoop on the happenings in the Enchantrix Empire.  That’s right, she’s behind the scenes, watching and listening, and every Saturday she’ll be sharing all the Empire’s secrets with you.  Now, I will warn you. No one is safe from her! The Mistresses can’t hide, and neither can you, their fans! That’s right. I just may have a secret or two about you up my sleeve. Be careful where you air out your dirty laundry, the Enchantrix Eavesdropper is always listening.

Roll over in bed, tune into Cock Radio then lay back and relax as Ms. Layla weaves her magic and eases you into your day.  It is all about sensuous fun, a little teasing and, of course, great music.  What’s your favorite song?  Let us know, it will definitely find its way into our eclectic playlist!

So join the early morning crowd in our adult chat room  and on Cock Radio Saturday morning at 8am eastern and get your weekend started off in the most sensuous way possible.  Saturday mornings will never the same again!